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Isabelle Viaene

Co-owner Som-Belle - Thelma & Louise Antwerp


I had the honor and pleasure to work with Sanneke for almost three years. As co-owner of "Thelma & Louise" I was responsible for the complete development of the collection together with Sanneke. I soon discovered that Sanneke is a real "fashion professional". She is a real designer but with a healthy commercial twist. Well versed. Sanneke quickly senses how a collection is put together and carefully finds out who the target group is, what is expected in a certain collection... It was a pleasure to work with Sanneke. Sanneke takes initiative, is eager to learn, absorbs things very quickly, is flexible, efficient, reliable, organized and very discreet! (you can't say that about every freelancer!) . In addition, she has very good technical knowledge and a nose for beautiful fabrics / prints. In addition to all those professional gifts, Sanneke is also a very nice colleague from whom I have learned a lot myself!

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Liza Tanghe

co-CEO bij Thelma & Louise Antwerp (2017-2021)


Sanneke is a very pleasant person to work with! A stylist with an enormous passion for her profession, involved, correct and always honest and sincere. She has created beautiful collections for Thelma & Louise and took ultimate responsibility in the entire process. You can always count on Sanneke.

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Lamyae Raoui

Owner 4Lyam


Sanneke has a very good work attitude. She is very professional and understands the process of designing very good. She is flexible and very efficient. Thanks to her experience and commitment, we found good manufacturers. She is very pleasant to work with.

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Neera Lamba de Blok

Director at Creativo Designs BV


I have worked with Sanneke way back in 2005-2006 .( NL / INDIA) I had just started my company and i need someone who can be my right hand in my business She fit the position with no difficulty and showed great potential . She is strong, intelligent, hardworking and with great insight into fashion world. She can not only design but is abel to understand the technical aspect of the design development as well.Which gives her an edge over lot many other designers . Her knowledge over fabrics , patterns making and followup is remarkable. With her good knowledge of product she was able to develop a good relation with customers and as well suppliers in India. Having her with me was a pleasure both work wise and as well socially.

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Ute Uekermann

Quality Manager Hunkemöller


Sanneke is a consistent reliable collegue, structured and efficient. Her knowledge is spread over all productclasses and she has a pleasant way of sharing it. Sanneke is flexible and a good teamplayer; even in her role as free-lance garment technician at Hunkemöller, she was committed to her work.

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Peter van Beek

CEO at Bemontex BV


Sanneke de Bont is a pleasant person to work with, She is flexible and has a good working attitude and is efficient. Sanneke developed an outdoor collection for Life Line Brand to our satisfaction. We have learned to know here as a reliable and skilled designer.

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Joost Balthazar Onderwaater 

Founder & Maniging Director Deserious INsty!e Fashion Group B.V.   


Sonika Fashion Design & Production has helped me in a very pleasant and expert way with the "sourcing" of producers in Turkey (Istanbul area). In addition, we (deseriously) could never have finished the first collection on time without Sanneke's expertise. I have therefore come to know Sanneke as someone who is 200% committed and who knows how to meet the deadline (with or without working through the night). In short, a winner to work with!

hippos _Tekengebied 1.jpg

Philippe Van Laer

Director Hippos NV


Sanneke needed only a little input to understand the task she than got hired for. Her experience helped her in understanding the requirements and resulted in an output we hoped for. This should be a base on which we look forward to continuing working for the next seasons!

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Lody Klement

Owner Global Woman


A real passionate fashion professional: that is what I learned getting acquainted with. Driven to shear skill and enthusiasm she fast and rightly translates the wishes of het customer.

Sanneke is quite happy to brainstorm beyond het commission and to mobilize her-rather extensive -network to advance of the client.

Sanneke is an honest, sincere person, a joy to work with!

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Alicia Molitor

Design Manager Donna Karan New York, (NY, USA)


Sanneke has been an intern with Donna Karan Women’s Signature Design Team since July 2000. (till January 2001) Sanneke has been very productive in het internship with Donna Karan Signature. She has successfully and unfortunately (for us) completed het internship. Below the list of Sanneke’s responsibilities.

  • Assisted in Design process from concept through sales

  • Worked closely with the Fabric department in creating color cards and fabric presentations.

  • Worked on Design Inspiration trough shopping and pulling antiques from Costume Library.

  • Set up Showroom with Director and worked late night putting looks together.

  • Assisted in local and international Trim Sourcing. Sat in all trim vendor meetings.

  • Assisted in fabric and print vendor meetings/sourcing.

  • Organized and maintained the Design room.

  • Fitting’s and communication Pattern department.


Sanneke has made a highly respected impression and contribution to our design team. She has been very enthusiastic about all of her worked and efficient at the same time. Sanneke can work indepently and takes initiatives to get the job tasks done. She has e dynamic personality witch we find very refreshing.

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