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All round! Creative, efficient and with a no-nonsense approach.


After several jobs in the fashion sector, I started my own business in 2008. I wanted to use my knowledge and experience more broadly and more efficiently. From short-term consultancy assignments for starting entrepreneurs to setting up new collections for large commercial fashion chains. I know all facets of the profession. That makes her a very experienced and all-round fashion professional with an eye for the entire process, from idea to the end result in the store. A sharp, analytical view of design and production means that I can be used as a 'trouble shooter' throughout the chain.


My work is my passion. By visiting the fair, visiting production addresses, attending lectures and trend seminars, reading professional literature and following bloggers, I am always busy with my profession. After all, fashion is always in motion.

Education & work

Read more about my education and work experience on my LinkedIn Profile.

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